Monday, September 9, 2013

An Extraordinary Day Out With The Kids At Indianapolis Zoo

When it comes to planning for trips to zoo, we dare say that the happiest people in the family would be the kids. Trips to zoos are something that most kids look forward to. In fact, we believe that going to zoos are just the happiest moments in the life of a child. Nothing beats having the parents plan a surprise trip with an Indianapolis charter bus to the Indianapolis Zoo for their children. And it gets even more fun when parents add in the element of surprise by inviting their children’s friends to join in the trip too.

It is definitely not an exaggerated statement if we were to say that zoos are part of a child’s life as they grow up. And when it comes to making a trip to the Indianapolis Zoo in a charter bus, it is certainly a trip no to be missed! The main attraction of this zoo would be the shark touch tank – where visitors would have the opportunity to observe the sharks up close and if you or your kids are brave enough, to touch the sharks too! Before you panic and cancel the plan and the idea of chartering a bus to bring the kids to this zoo, you need to know that the sharks are not like one of those that you may have most likely watched in the ever famous movie, JAWS. The sharks that are in the shark touch tank are brine eating types, so they are not interested in eating humans at all. It would be quite an unique experience for children and adults alike as the shark touch tank in Indianapolis Zoo is said to be largest of its kind, and is only surrounded with a wall that is not too high so that kids would be able to watch and touch the sharks.

Other than this unique experience that many visitors enjoy, the Indianapolis Zoo also has other wonderful shows like the dolphin adventure show and the California sea lion show. There is a sign that informs visitors who are near the tank where the dolphin show is to keep their voices low, as loud noises may cause the dolphins to stay closer to the sides of the tank and not swim close to or over the dome. The sea lions are easily “heard” because as you enter into the zoo, you can already hear them barking away. It would not be too surprising if you can actually hear them as you come down from the charter bus – it only adds on to the excitement of the kids!