Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Coffee Companies in Indianapolis to Check Out

Wine lovers are pretty serious about quality wine and the wine-making process but so are coffee lovers. Coffee lovers have been known to go to an extensive search for the best brews while traveling and if that sounds like you and you are heading over here in Indianapolis, we have a couple of suggestions for you to check out.
Just like in most major cities in the United States, coffee drinking has, indeed, picked up speed in terms of gaining popularity. Here are some cafes that seem pretty serious about a cup of good brew.
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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Garfield Park Conservatory and Sunken Garden

Other than racing, there is much to see in Indianapolis. One popular spot favorite amongst charter bus visitors is the Garfield Park Conservatory and Sunken Garden. As the oldest park in Indianapolis, this regional city park is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Located at the junction ofPleasant Run and Bean Creeks rivers close to the south side of Indianapolis, Garfield Park is 128-acres large.

Serenity at its best at the Conservatory and Sunken Gardens

The Conservatory and Sunken Garden is situated on a 10,000 square-foot area at the eastern part of Garfield Park. Designed by landscape architect George Edward Kessler, the Sunken Garden is aEuropean-styled formal garden featuring beautiful landscaped and well kept foliage, with three fountains, benches and quaint paved brick walkways.
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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Christmas in Indianapolis

With the holiday season in full swing and Christmas peeking around the corner, you might want to think about visiting Indianapolis in your charter bus to take part in the festivities of the season. From Christmas light viewing to organized events, Indianapolis has a lot to offer.

Festive Events enjoyed by All

For one, you should visit the Circle of Lights presented by Contractors of Quality Connection and Electrical Workers of IBEW 481, which will be run throughout the holiday season. In Indianapolis, millions of visitors coming in coach buses enjoy the decorations of Monument Circle as it is one of Indianapolis’ annual tradition. There is live entertainment presented every evening from 6 - 8pm, andadmission is free for everyone.
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Monday, October 28, 2013

Beyond Expectation Was Goose the Market

Do you know how you can walk into a place and know instantly, in a very short period of time, that the people who run the place are truly, really, absolutely and irrefutably are passionate about something and are willing to selflessly share it out with others? Yes, that is the feeling you get when you walk into Goose the Market. That phenomenal feeling of great passion that envelopes and sometimes overwhelms you. If you have a deep love for good food and great company, then head over to Goose The Market which is located at 2503 N Delaware Street, Indianapolis. They can be reached at (317) 924-4944. Otherwise, to see the products and services that they have to offer you during your charter bus Indianapolis trip, head over to their website (http://www.goosethemarket.com/) for a quick lookaround.
They DO know their thing about good food because the place if run and operated by professional chefs. We loved the concept of a moving grill...yes, a mobile grill on wheels that sometimes makes an appearance in the attraction and if it is needed during an event somewhere else, you can hire it for your event or exhibition. Right there and then, you will get your own personal smoking and grilling bar on location.
In all honesty, Goose the Market isn’t the kind of place for vegetarians or people who seek out healthier options. They are into good meats packed packed with mouth-watering flavors, cheese that are made and cooked in the sexiest and meanest possible way. In the shop itself, they offer some of the best smoked meat, spices, cheese, wine and beer, coffee, bread, pastries and gelato. Everything to perk up your taste buds during the charter bus Indianapolis visit. And THAT, dear readers, was what made us keep longing for another stop even right before the visit was over. We just started talking about when we were coming back for another heavenly date with these passionate chefs and staff.
The atmosphere at Goose the Market is casual, comfy and quite trendy, and while there are no rules about how you should dress when you visit, we think erring on the side of casual and fun should be good.
We saw a couple with a disabled child in a wheelchair come up quite easily to the restaurant so, the restaurant is absolutely wheelchair accessible so, don’t worry if you are coming in with disabled family members or guests.
So, wait no more, start booking your personal space in Goose the Market and let the digging begin.

Monday, September 9, 2013

An Extraordinary Day Out With The Kids At Indianapolis Zoo

When it comes to planning for trips to zoo, we dare say that the happiest people in the family would be the kids. Trips to zoos are something that most kids look forward to. In fact, we believe that going to zoos are just the happiest moments in the life of a child. Nothing beats having the parents plan a surprise trip with an Indianapolis charter bus to the Indianapolis Zoo for their children. And it gets even more fun when parents add in the element of surprise by inviting their children’s friends to join in the trip too.

It is definitely not an exaggerated statement if we were to say that zoos are part of a child’s life as they grow up. And when it comes to making a trip to the Indianapolis Zoo in a charter bus, it is certainly a trip no to be missed! The main attraction of this zoo would be the shark touch tank – where visitors would have the opportunity to observe the sharks up close and if you or your kids are brave enough, to touch the sharks too! Before you panic and cancel the plan and the idea of chartering a bus to bring the kids to this zoo, you need to know that the sharks are not like one of those that you may have most likely watched in the ever famous movie, JAWS. The sharks that are in the shark touch tank are brine eating types, so they are not interested in eating humans at all. It would be quite an unique experience for children and adults alike as the shark touch tank in Indianapolis Zoo is said to be largest of its kind, and is only surrounded with a wall that is not too high so that kids would be able to watch and touch the sharks.

Other than this unique experience that many visitors enjoy, the Indianapolis Zoo also has other wonderful shows like the dolphin adventure show and the California sea lion show. There is a sign that informs visitors who are near the tank where the dolphin show is to keep their voices low, as loud noises may cause the dolphins to stay closer to the sides of the tank and not swim close to or over the dome. The sea lions are easily “heard” because as you enter into the zoo, you can already hear them barking away. It would not be too surprising if you can actually hear them as you come down from the charter bus – it only adds on to the excitement of the kids!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Hall of Fame Museum

They say a trip to Indianapolis is never complete without visiting the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Hall of Fame Museum – simply because it is considered to be one of the most famous car raceways and every year, in the month of May, they welcome more than 400,000 crowd of Indy 500 fans to its race circuit. Even if you are not a big fan of racing, NASCAR or Indy Car Racing, planning a trip here in an Indianapolis chartered bus is always an exciting outing that you would have ever planned for yourself and your family!

Once you arrive at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Hall of Fame Museum in the Indianapolis charter bus, you may begin to feel a certain feeling of excitement, knowing that you now stand on the grounds of the world’s most famous car raceways that dates back to 1909 and is also said to be the oldest running motor race course that is still in operation. They are open daily throughout the whole year – from 9am to 5pm (March till October) and from 10am to 4pm (November till February), with extended hours in the month of May. However, they are closed on Thanksgiving Day as well as on Christmas.

Visitors to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Hall of Fame Museum will have a couple of tour options to choose from on the race tracks – a tour round the track in a bus (it will be their own bus though, not the Indianapolis chartered bus that you came in!) or a tour on the racetrack in a bus with a behind-the-scene tour of the facility. We reckon that the latter option would be much better as you get to get off the bus at the finish line to take photos, tour the press area and you also get to sit on the very same chairs that the racers would sit on to be interviewed after each race and the best thing out of this is that you get to stand at the winner’s circle – now, wouldn’t that be just a great spot to have your photo taken? When you are done with the race tracks, you can then move on to the Hall of Fame Museum to check out the collection of Indi cars, which are displayed by year to enable visitors to see the progression of the designs of the cars over the years. Before you hop back on the chartered bus that you came in, don’t forget to drop by their gift shop to get something special to bring home with you as souvenirs.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Beach time in Indianapolis

Indianapolis is Indiana's state capital, well known for sporting events, like the Indianapolis 500, and teams like the Colts of the NFL and Pacers of the NBA. Far from the oceans of the coasts, and several hours from the Lake Michigan beaches of the north, swimming beaches are not common. Only one exists within the city's borders, with one additional option in neighboring Hamilton County. However, there are several beach options for charter bus visitors visiting Indianapolis with a bus, coach bus, party bus, mini bus, passenger coach or school bus chartered from Charter Bus Indianapolis.
Take a charter bus to Eagle Creek Park, which is home to the only swimming beach within the borders of Indianapolis. The sand beach is on the banks of Eagle Creek Reservoir and has an enclosed swimming area. A separate area is blocked off for children, and goes no deeper than three feet. Those wanting to utilize the water for exercise have use of a dedicated lap lane. Next to the beach is a sand play area and playground. Other features include a beach volleyball area, shade trees and Plunge Harbor, an inflatable water slide and trampoline.
Hamilton County Parks and Recreation operates Morse Park and Beach in Noblesville. The beach is approximately 30 minutes by Indianapolis charter bus from the northeastern section of Indianapolis. Charter bus visitors to the park can enjoy a disc golf course, softball fields, picnic shelters and a playground, in addition to the beach. Admission is required for park entry, and run between $1.50 and $2.00 per day. Seasonal passes are also available. The beach is sandy, with room for sunbathing, beach volleyball and fishing. Charter bus visitors can prepare for swimming at the bathhouse, which includes lockers, showers and restrooms.
Indianapolis is cold in the winter, but the area has several indoor beach alternatives for charter bus visitors. Krannert Park has an indoor pool with both open and lap swim times for the public. Indy Island, at Raymond Park, is a city-run indoor water park open throughout the year, featuring a water playhouse with slides, sprays and geysers. A larger slide empties into the leisure pool. A separate lap pool is open during select times. Those needing some time away from the kids can head to the adults-only spa.
The closest beach options outside of the Indianapolis area are in Bloomington, 65 miles by charter bus to the south of the city's center. Lake Monroe is the state's largest inland lake and has three recreation areas with swimming beaches. Hardin Ridge Recreation Area, Fairfax State Recreation and Paynetown State Recreation Area have sandy beach areas with bath houses for changing. Hardin Ridge charges $5.00 for entrance to the park, as of publication. Swimming at the other locations is free for charter bus visitors.
Spend some time on the beach and by the water when you’re in Indianapolis on a charter bus visit. Charter Bus Indianapolis can help you organize all your charter bu transport needs, providing you with friendly service and fully equipped charter buses.