Monday, October 28, 2013

Beyond Expectation Was Goose the Market

Do you know how you can walk into a place and know instantly, in a very short period of time, that the people who run the place are truly, really, absolutely and irrefutably are passionate about something and are willing to selflessly share it out with others? Yes, that is the feeling you get when you walk into Goose the Market. That phenomenal feeling of great passion that envelopes and sometimes overwhelms you. If you have a deep love for good food and great company, then head over to Goose The Market which is located at 2503 N Delaware Street, Indianapolis. They can be reached at (317) 924-4944. Otherwise, to see the products and services that they have to offer you during your charter bus Indianapolis trip, head over to their website ( for a quick lookaround.
They DO know their thing about good food because the place if run and operated by professional chefs. We loved the concept of a moving grill...yes, a mobile grill on wheels that sometimes makes an appearance in the attraction and if it is needed during an event somewhere else, you can hire it for your event or exhibition. Right there and then, you will get your own personal smoking and grilling bar on location.
In all honesty, Goose the Market isn’t the kind of place for vegetarians or people who seek out healthier options. They are into good meats packed packed with mouth-watering flavors, cheese that are made and cooked in the sexiest and meanest possible way. In the shop itself, they offer some of the best smoked meat, spices, cheese, wine and beer, coffee, bread, pastries and gelato. Everything to perk up your taste buds during the charter bus Indianapolis visit. And THAT, dear readers, was what made us keep longing for another stop even right before the visit was over. We just started talking about when we were coming back for another heavenly date with these passionate chefs and staff.
The atmosphere at Goose the Market is casual, comfy and quite trendy, and while there are no rules about how you should dress when you visit, we think erring on the side of casual and fun should be good.
We saw a couple with a disabled child in a wheelchair come up quite easily to the restaurant so, the restaurant is absolutely wheelchair accessible so, don’t worry if you are coming in with disabled family members or guests.
So, wait no more, start booking your personal space in Goose the Market and let the digging begin.

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